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Brook Kerr

Posted by LuisLuvsSheridan
Since Passions is such a popular show and so many people watch it do you consider yourself a celebrity now?

Brook says: No. I’m just a dork.

Posted by tedo
Do you have any siblings? If so, how many?

Brook says: Two half-brothers who are way older than me.

Posted by tedo
How did you get the role as Whitney on Passions? Did you do an audition for any other characters before Whitney? By the way love your hair!!!!!!!!

Brook says: It was very fast for me. Audition, two screentests, and booking all in a week. No long night waiting! About the hair – Thanks.

Posted by Mrs Travis Schuldt
Hey Brook! You are great on Passions! I saw you on ‘Smart Guy’ the other night and you were just as cool, though you were a little quiet! I was wondering, do you personally think that Whitney should start getting more involved with guys like Chad suggests? It would make a cool storyline!

Brook says: Yeah, she should let herself live a little, but I love the fact that she is goal oriented. I don’t think she should loose that.

Posted by angelkitty
Hi Brook! I was wondering, are we ever going to see Whitney play tennis again? Do you play tennis in real life?

Brook says: I play a little, but I’m not as good as my character.

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